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2018 Season: Memories Were Made
Friday, May 18, 2018 05:16

ODESSA, TX - Thought it would be fun to let the departing seniors and Coach Criswell reflect back on the 2018 season.  So it was asked - "What is your greatest memory of Mojo Baseball and your funniest one?"  Also, the question was posed - "What advise would you give an upcoming Panther?".

Before we get to those answers, here are some interesting facts about the 2018 team and the achievements of this season.  (1) In 2017, Permian finished district 3-12.  One year later, the Panthers finished 8-7.  (2) The post-season victory over El Paso Socorro was the first playoff win in over a decade for the Panthers.  (3) This year's record of 23-14 was the first winning season for Mojo since 2011.  (4) To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in the last 20 years that Permian defeated Odessa High in all district meetings in a single season.  (5) The Mojo baseball program is sending two of the six graduating players to the next level to play collegiate ball.

Being the first year of the Criswell Era at Permian, you can't help but feel some excitement toward the future of the Mojo Baseball program.  Here's what Coach Criswell and our departing seniors had to say about the 2018 season and their memories of playing baseball at Permian High School.

criswellTate Criswell
Criswell completed his first season as Mojo head coach.
"First, I'd like to thank you all for the support this season. Your energy and passion was felt throughout our baseball program. Your excitement and expectation of excellence is greatly appreciated."

"Thank you for trusting me to lead your team this year!  Without these seniors "buying in", none of our success would have happened.  The foundation of success that was established this season is greatly owed to their willingness to put 'We/Me'.  Baseball rewards you if you do things right.  Unfortunately, not on our time.  Fortunately, our time is coming and the 2019 season starts now!"

"Several memories were made this year, including many of the bus rides to games.  One of the funniest moments that comes to mind came during one of our games.  Daniel Enriquez went up to the plate to hit before realizing that he didn't even have his batting helmet on!"

higdonSeth Higdon
Seth was 'Pitcher of the Year'.  He played on varsity four years and was a starting pitcher for three.
"My favorite memory this year would definitely have to be sweeping OHS because this past year, and years before, they swept us and it was just a good feeling that we got to sweep them as a team this year.  A funny memory would be when Coach Criswell made Jayden freestyle at the end of practice. A couple of other funny memories - when the team would fight behind us during news interviews, or the time everyone pelted Caden (Bedrick) with gloves during an interview with a TV reporter."

"The advice that I would give to upcoming players would be to trust the process and to have a good relationship with how you practice. I would also tell them to trust in your coaches because these coaches will take these guys a long way, not only in baseball but throughout life as well."

lachanceChristian LaChance
Christian was a member of the varsity pitching staff and pinch runner. He was our game time 'rowing coach'.
"Playing for Permian baseball has made a huge impact on my life, especially this past season. It seemed like each year I developed more respect and love for each of my teammates.  Most of my best memories happened during our practices, when I watched how hard my teammates were working. It brought a whole new character out of me. We fought and battled this whole year with love and dedication. Though our journey fell short, I’m still extremely proud of these guys."

"The best memory I had was sliding into home to win in the walk-off against Odessa High. I want my younger bros to know, when a negative situation comes, you fight back with a positive situation and attitude."

hutsonPeyton Hutson
Peyton was a member of the Mojo varsity pitching staff and a starter the past two seasons.
"I would like to say one of my favorite memories of Permian Baseball was making the state playoffs and getting a chance to compete during the post-season run... even though it didn’t go like we wanted or planned. Also, another great memory is when we swept OHS three times, after not beating them at all my Junior year. We really flipped the switch and it was awesome sweeping them, especially with the walk off win in Game 3 of the series."

"My funniest moment would have to be when Daniel Enriquez went to the plate to bat with no helmet on!  My advice that I would give to others is work hard at everything you do, because one day it might just pay off.  Another thing I would say is - break the expectations that Permian Baseball has created and go beyond them!  And go win a District Championship and make a long playoff run next year!"

chavezNick Chavez
Nick played in the Mojo outfield and stepped in as a courtesy runner on several occasions.
"Looking back on this past season and the ones before, it’s no secret that we have come a long way as a baseball program.  By far the best memories I had this year were out on the playing field, each and every day, and at the 6:00 a.m. sessions in the weight room training, and pushing each other, to be the best athletes we possibly could be."

"One of the funniest moments from this season that comes to mind would be the time we were doing in-and-out before a tournament game and in the outfield, a pop fly drifted into our group and instead of getting out of the way, Daniel Enriquez curled into the ball and got hit right in the back and the sound he made after was funnier than anything else. We reminded him about that all year, and everyone would laugh when it got brought up."

"Some advice I would give to upcoming and returning players would be to never stop the grind, always remember your “why?,” be where your feet are, and always be WE/me. If you can keep pushing each other and you punch in that time card each day at practice, game day is just payday. Love your brothers, don’t be afraid to get on them when they’re not right or slacking. Lastly, to represent Permian with a sense of respect, on and off the field."

murphyZane Murphy
Zane played outfield and was also stepped in as a courtesy runner on numerous occasions.
"Throughout these past few years there were memories that I will never forget, but the best ones were:  all the team bus rides, my first homerun as a Permian Panther, sweeping OHS all three times, and all the walkoff victories!  When my name was called to run, I had a mindset of there was nothing that was going stop me from getting to home plate.  I can’t think of a single funniest moment, because we were always laughing about a lot of stuff."

"My advice to upcoming players is Never Give Up.  Always buy in to what you’re doing and have a purpose. Whether your purpose is to lay down a bunt, strike a man out, or even cheer from the dugout every game... do it the best you can do it and the game will award you the right way. Win every pitch and always remember to breathe big. Also, cheer on your teammates. When someone needs to be cheered up, you need to always there to help!"

kizziarNate Kizziar
Nate made several appearances in the Designated Hitter role, and also played first base for the varsity.
"My favorite memory was probably when we walked off against Odessa High with the long ball, because I had never been apart of anything like that. I remember just how much energy and confidence that it brought to everybody there that day."

"One thing I would like to tell future players is never give up when something is not going your way or you just want to stop everything. Just keep going.  It will pay off but go hard every single day and you will be rewarded."

*Editor's Note - I enjoyed watching this bunch come together as the season progressed.  I could see more and more confidence and trust in each other develop game to game.  The 2018 team was a young team, comprised of the six seniors mentioned above and more than twice that number of underclassmen.  This team was a scrappy bunch that focused on a goal and never quit until they achieved it.  In those instances where that goal was not attained, there was no doubt that they had put 100% of their hearts and effort into it trying.  Yes, the future looks bright in the Land of Mojo and these seniors helped in the laying of that ground work.

As far as memories, there were plenty.  One of my favorite memories would be the rowing after a run was scored.  I will remember this group of young men and their antics every time I pick up the 2018 autographed baseball.  In the funny memory category, "Cause I've gotta Golden Paddle" (sang in the tune of Willy Wolka's "I've got a golden ticket") was definitely an instant classic.  Fun times indeed, and isn't that kinda what it's all about?




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